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1: What makes you eat more than you planned?
Variety – like, if there is a buffet or potluck, I want to try all the things, and while I may take a smaller than normal portion of each one it adds up to more than a normal plate of food pretty quickly.

2: Did you have a mentor as you were growing up?
Nahh, not really, aside from my parents.

3: What’s the local town or location name that visitors always get wrong?
It is a ways from here, but probably the #1 in the state is Puyallup (pew-AL-up). Spokane (SPOKE-ann) can also trip people up and a bit further away Idaho has Coeur d’Alene (COR-del-ain) and Pend Oreille (POND-ar-ay).

More locally I recently learned that Mesa, WA is properly pronounced MEE-sa, as in Jar Jar Binks, and not MAY-sa, as in, the geological formation. I doubt many visitors get that wrong, though, as there really is not a reason to go there… it is an exit you pass on the freeway on the way to elsewhere.

4: What is your favorite kind of puzzle?
Logic, but I honestly like most puzzles.

5: When was the last time you had a headache?
Last weekend, I think? It was pretty windy and I have allergies.

6: How do you keep yourself from throwing your work laptop down on the driveway and using the car to roll back and forth over it until the car is out of gas and then sweeping up the bits and taking them to the place where they are re-paving the freeway and mixing the bits into the blacktop so other people can drive over them for years, ahem, excuse me, I meant to say how do you take a little break when you’re getting frustrated?
Ars is great for that

7: Hawaii or Alaska?
Both are pretty great, but I would have to go with Alaska.

8: When you say it’s gonna happen now, when exactly do you mean?
I have already waited too long…