The exclusive world of McDonald's Gold Card: Bill Gates vs Warren Buffett, the big difference

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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, two of the world’s most successful businessmen, share a unique perk — the coveted McDonald’s Gold Card. This legendary card grants its holder free McDonald’s meals for life. Gates and Buffett, both billionaires, revealed their Gold Card a few years ago. Buffett displayed his Gold Card during an interview with CNBC in 2007 and explained how he uses it.He also revealed that Gates too has McDonald’s Gold Card. “There’s just a few of them. Bill Gates has one. His is good throughout the world, I guess. Mine is only good in Omaha, but I never leave Omaha so mine is just as good as his,” Mr Buffett, then 76, had said.
Buffett’s Omaha-Only card
During an interview, Buffett revealed his Gold Card, which allows him to enjoy complimentary meals at any McDonald’s within Omaha, Nebraska. This seemingly specific benefit becomes humorous when considering Buffett’s attachment to his hometown. “I never leave Omaha,” he quipped, implying his card’s local limitation wasn’t a drawback.
Bill Gates’ Global Golden card
In contrast, Gates’ Gold Card boasts a far wider reach. News outlets report it grants him free McDonald’s food at any outlet across the globe. Imagine pulling up to a McDonald’s in Tokyo or Paris and flashing your card for a Big Mac on the house!
The club of Gold cardholders
The exact number of McDonald’s Gold Cardholders remains a closely guarded secret. While Gates and Buffett have publicly acknowledged theirs, others who might be part of this exclusive club are unknown. McDonald’s itself has remained tight-lipped about the selection process and the total number of cards issued.
A token of appreciation
These Gold Cards seem to be a token of McDonald’s appreciation for these high-profile figures. Buffett is known for his fondness for McDonald’s, often frequenting their outlets and praising their convenience. Gates, in a surprising twist, has even called cheeseburgers his “favorite food” on his blog, albeit with some reservations about their environmental impact.