Siemens Gamesa’s CEO | EU/China trade war | Safety first? | Workhorse turbines

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This time on the news review: Our panellists discuss a change of leadership, rumoured job cuts and a new offshore turbine in development at Siemens Gamesa.  

A change of leadership, rumoured big job cuts and a new offshore turbine in development – we ask our panelists to analyse the big developments at Siemens Gamesa. 

Meanwhile, as the first shots are fired in a potential EU/China trade war, our guests discuss whether new tariffs could slow down the energy transition and whether Chinese turbine firms are a threat to Europe anyway. 

And industry safety is back on the agenda after a man died in a fatal fall at a Texas wind project and another man’s hand was crushed in an incident in the UK. 

Finally, is GE Vernova’s ‘workhorse turbine’ strategy one that fellow Western OEMs are likely to adopt for themselves? 

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