New Research Report by Investments & Wealth Institute and Toews Asset Management Provides Insights into the Disconnect between Advisors and Investors

The Investor-Advisor Disconnect reveals how a focus on client engagement and education can help bridge the gap between what investors believe and feel and what advisors think they know about them.

Denver, CO –News Direct– Investments & Wealth Institute

The leading professional association for financial advisors, the Investments & Wealth Institute (the Institute), has just released a new research report, The Investor-Advisor Disconnect, in partnership with Toews Asset Management. This study reveals the disconnect existing in several key areas between advisors and their clients, including perceived knowledge of the markets, preparedness to weather a bear market, clarity regarding plans to help mitigate the risks of challenging market conditions, and more.

“Our 2022 client research emphasizes the importance for advisors to support and educate their clients during these particularly uncertain times and how that support is best delivered,” said Sean R. Walters, CAE, chief executive officer, Investments & Wealth Institute.

The research report is based on primary research conducted by Absolute Engagement, and includes perspectives from 150 advisors and 1,000 U.S. investors gathered in the early spring of 2022, to better examine investor preparedness for adversity in the face of the triple threat of war, high inflation, and falling asset prices. The timing underscored the disconnect between what advisors think their clients know, believe, and feel and the reality.

Advisors must evolve their approach to include strategies designed to encourage investors to share their beliefs, concerns, and questions,” said Phillip “Felipe” Toews, chief executive officer, Toews Asset Management, and author of the report. “These insights can help advisors align their clients’ true risk tolerance with their portfolios and increase the effectiveness of their communications. Further, advisors should focus on best educating clients on how their plan will help them achieve their goals over the long run, and what they might expect to experience in different market conditions.

Read the full report here.

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