9 Passport Holders to Invest in For Your Next Trip Abroad

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Traveling these days can be pretty stressful. Between having to plan your next vacation out months in advance, navigating never-ending lines at the airport, lugging around any personal-item carry-on bags, and often arriving several hours ahead of your flight just to ensure you have enough time to make it through security or customs, those pretrip stressors can feel pretty endless. By the time you finally start your vacation, all you want is to be able to relax and not have to worry about any unplanned problems getting in the way of what should be a fun adventure. This is precisely why we’d argue that having a practical passport holder is truly essential — especially for any international travels that require you to carry certain documentation around while you’re on the go.

Evidently, passport holders can come in a lot of different forms. Long gone are the days of simple covers that essentially just wrap around the passport — now, travelers can find everything from passport belts and lanyards that hang off of the body to passport wallets and card holders that feature designated slots to hold credit cards, IDs, your vaccine card, and even cash.

To help you get prepped for your next voyage, we shopped out the best passport holders that we think are essential for any avid traveler — regardless of your trip type or destination. Whether you’re embarking on a rigorous backpacking journey across Europe, finally taking that cruise overseas, or just hoping to get a change of scenery through a more low-key vacation, each of these passport holders will help you keep your most important documents and currency safe while you’re on the go — that way you can focus on what really matters (enjoying your long-awaited vacay, obviously!). Browse our selects ahead!