3 Tech Stocks That Provide Some Income With Their Growth

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3 Tech Stocks That Provide Some Income With Their Growth

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Tech stocks have recently experienced a surge driven by the rapid expansion of artificial intelligence (AI). Investors prioritize this sector for its promising returns and positive impact on sentiment.

Many investors value dividend-paying equities and technology firms too. Dividends provide passive income and serve as a hedge against potential losses in other investments. Moreover, dividend-paying companies are often perceived as reputable, and capable of distributing earnings to shareholders without financial burden.

Several tech stocks, such as Vertiv Holdings Co. (NYSE:VRT), NetApp, Inc.(NASDAQ:NTAP), and Roper Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:ROP) offer quarterly dividend payouts for investors seeking both growth and income.


Buoyed by strong quarterly results driven by AI growth, Vertiv shares surged by over 100% in 2024, greatly surpassing the S&P 500 index. With a notable 64% growth over the previous year, the course of changes for its continuous fiscal year has been positive.

Vertiv shares are a good choice for income investors who want exposure to artificial intelligence, especially in data centers. However, the current annual yield stands at only 0.11%.

CNBC’s ‘Mad Money’ host Jim Cramer, urged viewers to consider investing in Vertiv’s shares. “I think the stock’s fantastic,” he said.


NetApp shares surged 40% this year, driven by strong quarterly performance. The company has consistently surpassed earnings forecasts by approximately 8%,  in its last four releases.

With a solid annual yield of 1.6%, NTAP shares currently exceed the sector average. Having boosted its distribution three times over the past five years, NetApp also shows a steady dividend increase history.

Roper Technologies

Although ROP shares have had difficulties year to date, recent patterns indicate a comeback in investor interest. There has been a remarkable 6% increase over the past month, surpassing the 2% rise of the S&P 500.

For seven straight quarters, the company has shown remarkable stability in quarterly performance, exceeding earnings and income projections.

ROP’s sales have grown over 10% yearly for the past six periods, boosting its revenue. Its shares offer a modest 0.5% annual yield, ranking on the lower end.

However, ROP’s 10.2% five-year annualized dividend growth rate shows its drive to improve shareholder value through rewards.

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