Kotak Mutual Funds alerts people about phoney accounts on social media

Kotak Mutual Funds alerts the public, investors and business associates about phoney social media and Telegram groups and communities that promise tremendous returns on investment in its name. 

According to the press note from Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Co. Ltd, “ALERT! Please do not be misled by FAKE Telegram and other social media entities claiming to be owned by Kotak Mutual Fund.” 

“Kotak Mutual Fund has only one official Telegram handle (https://t.me/kotakmutualfund ), and it does not promise or misguide investors in any form or on any social platforms for abnormal earnings or returns while investing in mutual funds. Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, and investors should read all scheme-related documents carefully before investing,” said the note.

“Furthermore, we request the users and investors to report those fraudulent groups on Telegram in case they come across to abuse@telegram.org or write to us at mutual@kotak.com,” added Kotak Mutual Fund.