German regulator: gas stocks below 40% on Feb. 1 would be critical

FRANKFURT, Nov 25 (Reuters) – Germany’s energy regulator chief Klaus Mueller on Friday said a filling level below 40% of the country’s underground storage caverns would be considered a critical indicator making mitigating measures necessary to ensure gas supply in winter.

Currently, German inventories are 99% full, in excess of a Nov. 1 target for 95%, as Europe’s leading economy has managed to offset a sizeable amount of delivery shortfalls after the near decline of Russian exports.

“Tense we would say is between 40% and 55% by the first of February, and should we be below that, this indicator would jump to critical,” said Mueller, speaking to reporters in a web-cast press conference.

Reporting by Vera Eckert and Christoph Steitz, editing by Miranda Murray

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