The Best Retro-Frame Artifact Reprints In MTG The Brothers' War

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Magic: The Gathering‘s The Brother’s War set comes with 63 reprints of iconic artifact cards. Like Strixhaven’s Mystical Archives, the Retro Artifacts are included in each Brother’s War booster pack and can be uncommon, rare, or mythic. The Retro Artifacts all have the old Magic: The Gathering card border, and some with a chance to have a blueprint schematic art.

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The artifacts in the Brother’s War Retro Artifact collection come from all over Magic The Gathering’s history, with some of them seeing their first reprint since their initial release. In other cases, cards are seeing their first reprint in years.

Chromatic Lantern

Generally, a good mana rock needs a fantastic effect if it costs more than two mana. Luckily for Chromatic Lantern, that is exactly what it provides, enabling your lands to tap for any color while doing the same with Chromatic Lantern itself. This effect makes it a staple of multi-colored decks. Most often played in Commander, it shines in decks running three or more colors.

Chromatic Lantern has only seen a few reprints, usually only in Ravnica sets. However, the price has generally been higher, usually around $10, making it a very welcomed reprint for a powerful artifact.

Altar Of Dementia

Altar Of Dementia is a fantastic card and a staple of formats like Commander that give it the most tools to work with. You can easily set up infinite combos with it that can lead to both infinite storm counts and infinite mill to win the game in just one turn.

Altar Of Dementia has not seen a printing since the original Modern Horizons in 2019, and the price often veers closer to the $10 line. Due to how powerful it is in the right decks, it’s a popular card choice for mill strategies.

Mishra’s Bauble

Mishra’s Bauble is a cross-format staple in some of the most powerful ones, such as Legacy and Modern, and a part of why Lurrus Of The Dream Den was banned in nearly all formats. Though its effect is a delayed draw, its zero mana cost is what makes it so powerful, especially when you continuously use it to draw your whole deck.

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Despite only ever being printed at uncommon, due to the popularity of Mishra’s Bauble, its price has usually been on the higher end of things. More access to Mishra’s Bauble is always fantastic due to how many formats it sees play in.

Ashnod’s Altar

Ashnod’s Altar is one of the most powerful sacrifice outlets, letting you trade in creatures for colorless mana. This can lead to an infinite amount of mana in the right builds. When combined with Transmogrant’s Crown in the main Brother’s War set, if you have a huge amount of tokens, you can draw multiple cards (or your whole deck if you have an infinite number of tokens).

Ashnod’s Altar hasn’t seen a reprint since 2016’s Eternal Masters set, and due to its power often goes for above $10. For how strong it is in sacrifice decks, it’s a fantastic reprint.

Aetherflux Reservoir

Aetherflux Reservoir is a staple in storm decks and acts as one of the win conditions of it. If you have a way to go infinite with your spell casting, which many storm decks often do, you can use Aetherflux Reservoir to take everyone out of the game with its burn effect.

Due to how powerful it is, Aetherflux Reservoir is a moderately pricey card, usually hovering around $15. Its only non-Mystery Booster printing was in Kaladesh in 2016, driving the price up. Due to the nature of Mystery Boosters, the Retro Artifacts is where its first meaningful reprint has appeared.

Unwinding Clock

Unwinding Clock is a fantastic artifact and especially useful in a format like Commander, where you generally play a lot of artifacts. In Commander, it allows you to untap all your mana rocks, so you constantly have mana up to play interaction on your opponents’ turns. If you’re playing artifact creatures, you can untap them to keep them up as blockers after attacking with them.

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Unwinding Clock hasn’t seen a non-List printing since Commander 2018, making it a valuable card that often goes for around $17. It’s a welcome reprint to help boost artifact-based strategies.

Wurmcoil Engine

Wurmcoil Engine is a phenomenal card, capable of going infinite with Nim Deathmantle and Ashnod’s Altar, giving infinite tokens, enter-the-battlefield triggers, and colorless mana when combined. These are all colorless, allowing any deck to run the combo. Due to this, the Wurmcoil Engine combo is fantastic and is a very easy-to-accomplish win condition due to how splashable it is.

Despite seeing multiple reprints, Wurmcoil Engine still has a price tag of $20 at the lowest. More ways to obtain Wurmcoil Engine are great, especially when it’s as strong as it is.

Helm Of The Host

Helm Of The Host is a phenomenal card, letting you create multiple copies of your powerful cards, including something like your commander that your deck is often built around. Though the equip cost is high, with how quickly Helm Of The Host can get out of hand, it’s more than worth it.

Helm Of The Host has only appeared in the Dominaria set (with a reprint in the List), keeping its price rather high, resting around $15. With how good of a card Helm Of The Host is, having another way to get a copy makes for a solid reprint.

Ramos, Dragon Engine

Ramos, Dragon Engine is a fantastic card and a very commonly played card as a commander. Ramos, Dragon Engines grows with each spell and lets you add ten colored mana to let you cast even more. Even if you don’t use its +1/+1 counters for mana, it makes for a formidable threat in the air.

Ramos, Dragon Engine hasn’t seen a printing since Commander Legends, leaving it with a price tag of around $30. It’s both good as a commander and as a card, making the card price spike and a reprint very welcomed.

Mox Amber

A mana rock that costs zero mana will always be fantastic, and Mox Amber is no exception. Although it does nothing unless you have a legendary creature or planeswalker, it’s very easy to build your deck to ensure you can tap it for mana. It’s even easier in Commander, where you always have access to a legendary creature.

Mox Amber has only been printed in Dominaria, and its power has led to it reaching prices as high as $50. Mox Amber is a phenomenal card and its reprint will make it more accessible.

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