Quantify was Approved to Officially List on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in May 2022

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The year 2022 is the fourth year of human suffer from COVID-19. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the economic and business forms in many countries are transforming and many large, small and medium-sized  enterprises are also seeking new breakthroughs in the context of the epidemic.Among them, the majority of enterprises are struggling and a small number of enterprises rise rapidly under the epidemic business form, and strongly occupy the financial and capital markets. Quantify is one of them to be the market leader.

After three years of rapid development, Quantify has now become a world-renowned financial platform for digital asset trading service. Our business scope covers dozens of countries and regions around the world and the current number of users has exceeded 25 million globally,which is becoming an adventurer in the post-epidemic economic era.What’s more, the Quantify has recently been approved by the US Securities and Exchange Commission and its official listing  on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in New York will be on May 13,2022. This is undoubtedly the good news that has excited all users and many media  have reported to witness the historic moment  of the Quantify.

Quantify is one of the top five applications for the amount of users worldwide. Based on quantitative trading and  5G technology  for the core engine, Quantify specializes in market trend analysis and we are committed to become the world’s leading trading platform to help more users to obtain more stable returns in the investment market. We have been highly recognized by our users worldwide. There are some highlights are outstanding and widely praised.

First, Quantify owns a safe CNC model.

Quantify creates a safe trading environment for the users with a powerful system to protect the privacy of them and ensure the security of users’ digital assets.We do achieve 100% security of user data, transaction data and order data.

Second, the convenience of Quantify.

With Quantify’s powerful data, user base and agile order delivery system, it ensures that customers can quickly match orders and finish the tasks quickly in cloud.

Third, the Quantify is trustworthy. Quantify’s quantitative trading platform connects with the world’s top trading platforms, such as coinbase, Binance, OKEX, FTX, Kraken, Huobi, crypto.com. The Quantify is prestigious and trustworthy in feedback from shared databases.

Fourth, Quantify has a mature technology operation system.

With full data connection, strong background, high concurrent access,scheduling with private intelligent cloud as the core,high level of spontaneous partners, mature operational experience and  operation system, Quantify has constructed a powerful technical operation system. This provides a higher development guarantee for global users and suppliers. Only with the upgrading of technology, the continuous promotion of marketing strategy and the in-depth expansion of global users can the Quantify have more development potential and promising prospects.

Fifth, Quantify has perfect after-sales service.

First, the customer intelligently matches orders via the cloud database. Next, create a vendor order:select the proper plan for the customer and add tasks to the system. Finally, the transaction is executed and the customer can complete the task. Though the order is completed, the after-sales service continues to follow up. The platform has a super background processing ability. It can distribute customer tasks online and 24 hours online customer service. All of these can solve any customer problems and shape a complete after-sales service system.

A time will come to ride the wind and cleave the waves, I’ll set my cloud-white sail and cross the sea which raves.The approval of Quantify platform to be listed on NASDAQ this time will be a typical representative of the post-epidemic economic era. We look forward to quantify’s strong voice of our time in the era of digital asset trading service financial platform with its better service, more convenient operation and stronger technical support.

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