MarketBeat Podcast: Alternative Investing Strategies Despite Market Volatility

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In today’s episode, Kate chats with AlphaCore Wealth Advisory CEO Dick Pfister about strategies for alternative investing. Too often, investors believe just adding some commodities or REITs is the answer to portfolio diversification. However, in this interview, Dick shares ideas for top-down portfolio construction that provides diversification to generate returns despite market volatility. 

How Dick hopes to demystify alternatives for the individual investor 

Is active investing dead, as many articles have stated?

What are the different alternative strategies? It’s not necessarily the securities you may hear about frequently.

Where do gold and precious metals fit as an alternative to long equities? 

What alternative asset classes are good inflation hedges?

How can long-short equity strategies serve to diversify a portfolio?

Why Dick operates on a philosophy of: “If you’ve gotten to the end zone, you don’t want to drop back to the 20-yard line.”

The four buckets Dick allocates to Long only stocks, long-only fixed income, long-only alternative asset classes, and active

alternative strategies 

After the pullback in tech and rally in value, where does Dick see an opportunity now? 

Which large, established semiconductor name does Dick have in his portfolio, and he believes is poised for real growth?

Which financial stock does Dick believe has potential because of its diverse business? 

What rather unlikely Fed move may result in a fixed income rally in the near term? 

Do you need to dump fixed income altogether right now while it’s underperforming?

What sector of the fixed income market does Dick see potential now? 

How can the “illiquidity premium” benefit investors? 

Stocks mentioned in this episode: 

Qualcomm (QCOM)

Blackstone (BX)

Apollo Global Management (APO)

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