Dash's Market now accepting SNAP with online orders

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This development is the result of SNAP Online Purchasing Pilot that began in 2017.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Starting on Wednesday, Dash’s Market will be accepting Supplement Nutritional Assistant Program (SNAP) payments for online grocery orders.

This development was made possible by the SNAP Online Purchasing Pilot that began in 2017. Dash’s Market was able to participate in the program with its ecommerce platform Rosie.

“It is crucial that we offer our customers options when it comes to their online shopping experience,” said Alexa Dash, director of ecommerce. “The opportunity to offer SNAP Online removes financial barriers for families in our community, allowing all individuals to access healthy quality products.”

The goal of the online ordering with SNAP benefits is to help provide access to enough food, for all people at all times, for a safe, active, and healthy life.

“With grocery ecommerce a part of our everyday lives, it’s essential for independent grocers to have the tools they need to provide solutions to the underserved in their communities, and to compete and win against national chains,” Dave Makar, Rosie’s chief customer officer said. “Technology continues to advance, and we’re proud to be a partner of USDA impacting millions of SNAP recipients nationwide.”