Anthony DeGalbo Changes the Way Young People View Investing

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In a rapidly changing business landscape, Anthony DeGalbo believes that investing in stocks remains one of the best ways to grow wealth. However, the stock market is shrouded in mystery and misconceptions, especially among young people. The influx of automated “done-for-you” solutions promising instant results has not done anyone any favors either. In response to that, Anthony created OnlyOptionsTrades, a leading options educational platform that focuses on equipping investors with in-depth knowledge and skills to navigate the stock market.

According to Anthony, the “get-rich-quick” mentality peddled by most “gurus” is the main reason most millennials experience trouble in their investments. While the investor may start their journey with unbridled enthusiasm at the possibility of making it big, many soon realize that’s not the case and discover the importance of patience. Anthony points out that if someone views trading as a way to make money fast, they will end up losing it all twice as fast. That’s why he emphasizes the importance of proper education for the investor first.

OnlyOptionsTrades was created in early 2020 to solve most of the problems new investors in the stock market face. With lockdowns and disruptions in many industries, young people turned to the stock market to establish an additional source of income. Anthony observed that many of them didn’t last long. Some of them were ill-prepared for the volatility of the markets, and the lack of instant returns disillusioned others. Anthony established OnlyOptionsTrades to provide new investors with all the tools and education needed to succeed in the stock market in the long run.

“Our goal with OnlyOptionsTrades has always been education first, profit second,” he says.

Anthony meets the growing demand for education in the stock market through daily online classes that culminate in a five-week course. The OnlyOptionsTrades lecturers host daily lessons covering issues such as trading psychology, recaps of the market over a certain period and current market conditions. They also share lessons from their own journeys in the industry and offer the best trade ideas for a given week. However, Anthony and his team encourage students to test every idea independently and use lessons from each trade on the next.

Being live every weeknight allows students to participate in discussions and ask questions. It also allows the student to draw up a unique trading strategy and have the OnlyOptionsTrades team provide them with their input. Students need not worry about missing out if they can’t join the live classes. All classes are recorded for the student’s convenience, and the

OnlyOptionsTrades support team is always a call away.

Over the last two years, OnlyOptionsTrades has impacted the lives of thousands of traders worldwide, and the platform is equally successful. Anthony reports it scaled to $3 million in revenue within the first full year of business, and that growth continues daily. The brand is working on an innovative solution to help the team expand its services and offer more ways for everyone to learn. Anthony says the team will soon launch an app to enhance the learning process. The goal is to reach more students and help them attain financial freedom through stock trading.

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