Adam Webb: The man and the mind behind the exponential rise of the world of options trading

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Adam Webb: The much-talked-about options trader who runs his boutique market making business has come a long way in the industry.

To have the vision to attain a certain goal is great, but to choose to go under the gun, make every possible effort, and never shy away from taking risks to turn those visions into a reality is something all individuals and professionals should work towards. This is definitely easier said than done, but a few individuals have stunned the world with all that they have chosen to do and be in their careers and endeavors like Adam Webb did in the trading world, becoming a sought-after options trader, thriving off of his passion, commitment, and determination in the industry.

Stepping into the trading world in the mid-90s, Adam Webb proved he was meant to be a part of the industry, which has always been overflowing with many emerging as well as established players. He confesses how from a very young age, he was attracted to people who wore coloured jackets and would trade in the trading pits around the world. He felt thrilled to be a part of the industry and create a success story for himself all on his own as a trading professional and entrepreneur, and that’s what he did as he grew up. He recalls how his father had a suit jacket with a liner that looked like the Kyte Futures floor jacket and how he would turn the jacket inside out, pretending to do hand signals. At 17, he started working for a Bund arbitrage trader on LIFFE.

Adam Webb says that at LIFEE, he basically worked for free and worked as a lunch buyer. However, there was an options guy who took notice of him and also offered him a job taking a promise from him to get a degree while working. Adam Webb did just that, and things dramatically changed in his career. Today, he runs his successful boutique market making business and has indeed come a long way in the industry, with his rich years of experience and the expertise he has gained as an options trader.

Disclaimer: Trading involves a significant risk, please assume complete and full responsibility for the outcomes of all trading decisions that you make.