Here are the Reasons to Invest in BioNTech SE (BNTX)

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‘Rogue Heroes’ offers thrilling war adventure in the desert

“Rogue Heroes,” premiering this month on Epix, examines the origin of Britain’s elite Special Air Service, a unit created in 1941 by a group of misfits who bucked the pomp and red tape of the traditional army and yet had a large part in beating the Nazis. It’s a thrilling, shoot’em-up series shot in North Africa and it’s awash in testosterone, with plenty of whiskey drunk from the bottle, undulating sand dunes, machine guns, sunglasses, sweat stains and whirling ceiling fans. Knight, who created “Peaky Blinders,” leans into that same successful blueprint by featuring a gang of non-conformists, lavish set designs and lots of cool music unrelated to the time.

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